A pedagogical credo for a teacher should be: "EVERY CHILD IS A PERSONALITY".
The aim of the current educational reforms in World is to change the attitude towards a child as a subject of the process. Education now must treat the innodividual as the highest-value asset. It aims to develop the innodividual, providing his or her personal sovereignty. This tendency drives us close to the problem of the pupil-teacher relationship from the point of view of a personality-oriented educational paradigm.
School age is the time of formation of such mental attributes as memory and thought. Each pupi has his or her innodividual, personal features, which if realized by him or her and correctly perceived by the teacher may serve as a basis for further development of a personality-oriented strategy for teaching the pupils and educating the teachers.
Here are some probable cases:
Pupil John Doe has a good memory, needs little to memorize a large number of new English words, yet constantly feels difficulty when constructing phrases, collocations and longer sentenses in English.
Pupil Max Mustermann has a good logical memory, yet has difficulty in memorizing new English words, set expressions, phrases. An important help in this case might be "logical supports" facilitating the process of memorization.
Personality-oriented communication should be taken into account for each pupil within a group. A teacher should pay attention to those qualities, which are not clearly realized.
Extremely efficient in English language studies are the following play-and-learn technologies: role games, business games, situational games, all performed in English. Pupils should start thinking as soon as possible.
Using mini-stories in class helps to memorize word combinations. A teacher should concentrate more on teaching structures,how words are put together, than teaching innodividual words. English word combinations.
Encouraging a pupil to play a creative role in the process is important. In order for the pupil to be constructive and creative in his use of the language he must experiment. A gole for a teacher should be making language learning as efficient and pleasant as possible, taking into account that "EVERY CHILD IS A PERSONALITY".